Traditional residential real estate marketing is often an expensive game of hopeful wall spaghetti. Realtors throw something out there and hope it sticks. You hope the right person sees your marketing at just the right time and they call you to help them buy or sell a home.

But what if real estate marketing could be more strategic, more effective and more cost-efficient?

Enter Facebook Advertising.

And to be clear, I’m not talking about hitting the “Boost” button on your Facebook posts and paying $5 for a few more random people to see it. You might have done that already and likely haven’t had a ton of luck, right? You might think Facebook is a waste of money and time and you’re only on there because it’s 2018 and you feel like you better keep up with your competition. Am I warm?

Well, I’m talking about a legitimate Facebook advertising campaign structured to meet your goals, target your ideal audience, and… stay within your advertising budget.


I could go off on all the strategies you could use to tailor a Facebook advertising campaign to meet your goals, regardless if you’re: an individual agent or on a huge team, if you’re seasoned or just starting out, or if you only sell luxury homes in one zip code or sell anything in a huge metro area. But instead, I want to tell you why you should consider integrating strategic Facebook advertising into your real estate business’s marketing plan. We can chat about the strategies that work best for your goals and budget at a later time if you’d like.

(No time to read? Here’s a quick video going over the 3 Reasons Why Realtors Should Use Facebook Advertising)

3 Reasons Why Realtors Should Use Facebook Advertising

  1. Facebook Advertising Has Amazing Targeting Options for Realtors

    What if you could target people in a specific income bracket that are planning to buy a home or getting married or have a baby? You know, those major life events Realtors salivate upon hearing. OR, what if you could more effectively target homeowners in the neighborhood you farm or area you serve? AND, what if you could target those ideal clients more consistently and more affordably than the other tactics you’ve tried? Like the expensive, paper-wasting mailers or generic postcards no one reads.Well, Facebook’s huge audience (2 .2 Billion monthly users as of Q 4 2017) coupled with their constantly improving algorithm, is a bad a$$ combination for targeting. You’d be amazed at how specific you can get targeting your ideal audience with the specific message you want them to read. No more putting out general content to attract all buyers and sellers in one swoop or hoping the right person sees your message at the right time.

  2. Facebook Advertising Drives Quality Leads for Realtors

    Most real estate agents offer a free CMA or home pricing analysis as a way to attract potential sellers. This is can be a good seller lead magnet, but the problem is that this good offer is usually buried on their website. Then they hope a motivated seller stumbles upon their good offer instead of one of the many competitors’ sites in their area and takes the time to fill it out. Maybe the free offer is promoted through a postcard or email, but not much else.
    Wouldn’t it be better if you could actively drive traffic to the free CMA on your website? And even better, what if you could drive quality leads to this offer? We know you can target well on Facebook (see #1), but you can also create campaigns designed to convert leads on your website. Meaning Facebook’s algorithm will not only place your ad in front of the ideal audience you choose, but the people within that audience more likely to fill out your CMA request (or whatever offer you have). The potential here is huge!

  3. Facebook Advertising is Cost Efficient for Realtors

    Real estate marketing is often a long-game strategy. Realtors have to maintain consistent brand awareness and position themselves as the expert in their area for a while before they build traction and reap the rewards. It makes sense. A home is often the most expensive purchase a person will make in their lifetime. Most people don’t trust the initial purchase or selling of this asset with a stranger.But maintaining consistent brand awareness in a competitive real estate market is expensive. That preferred agent spot on one of the many real estate websites isn’t cheap, right? And postage is going up, and billboards are dead and print is costly and ineffective, and email is time-consuming and only works for people in your sphere, and… You get the point.

    Facebook advertising is a much more cost-effective option, especially if your campaign goal is brand awareness in a specific area. You can target homeowners in a specific geographic area with your branding and content for pennies per impression. And you can easily measure it!


There are numerous strategies and techniques to effectively use Facebook advertising in residential real estate marketing. The examples mentioned above are just a taste. I hope you see the potential Facebook advertising could offer your real estate business and try it.

If you do, let me know how it goes. Seriously, email me ( And if you have questions or want to learn more about Facebook advertising for your real estate business, contact me here.