Building a regular following on Snapchat can be a challenge. While you can use various discovery apps like Ghostcodes or Snapdex to be found, the real metric in Snapchat is views per day, not number of followers. (Counting followers is another post anyway)

After months of observing popular Snapchatters and asking my audience why they regularly follow a person, I’ve discovered a few common trends worth mentioning.

Here are the 6 Ingredients to Turning Your Snapchat Followers into Daily Viewers:

  1. Authenticity – Most people have a strong BS detector when it comes to the way people communicate with them both verbally and non-verbally. Verbally, authentic snappers share real stories about their lives, flaws and all. It’s natural to embellish on social media and only present the grand happenings, but snappers with huge followings tend to be more raw.

We see it with celebrities like DJ Khaled getting a haircut or walking around shirtless, Eva Longoria with no makeup. Influencers like Brian Fanzo, who shares his struggles with entrepreneurship and personal flaws and GiniCanBreathe, who will deliver a heartfelt diatribe about why most people are good and we should trust each  other.

On a non-verbal level, eye contact, sincerity, and even body language come through on video, as they do in person. Perhaps not to the same degree, but these cues are all worth keeping in mind.


  1. Positivity – There is enough negativity in this world; don’t contribute to it. If someone is going to take the time to watch your Snap Story every day, they are doing it to feel better, not worse afterwards. Even if you’re having a less than stellar day, frame it in a positive way. Tell us what you learned from it. No one wants to hear a 3-minute rant about the drama you had with your web designer.


  1. Engagement – Don’t just speak like you’re talking directly to someone in your snaps, actually talk to people. One of my favorite elements of Snapchat is the ability to snap your followers directly. No other social media platform has this access to people on such a personal and direct level. It’s important to both reach out to your followers and encourage them to reach out to you during your stories, especially while you’re building a following. I’ve made numerous connections on Snapchat by being on both sides of this equation.


  1. Creativity – It’s easy to get into a rut of repeating the same type of selfie video (with the same background from the same angle). But it’s super boring for the viewer. Even a 10-second video can feel like a lifetime when it’s dull. To change it up, you can add some geofilters, add stickers, layer stickers, color and resize your text overlay, get funky with camera angles, add your Bitmoji or add music. Present your story with a clear beginning, middle, and end while peppering in all of the above. There are a lot of creative options with Snapchat, so use them! Play with them. See what works and what flops. But most importantly, keep it exciting so your followers want to come back every day and see more.


  1. Consistency – One man told me that there were about 5 snappers he watched every single day, no matter what. Even if they only had one snap that day, he looked forward to what they were sharing daily. But I had to wonder, what if that person didn’t post for a few weeks? Would he keep coming back? I think not. While you don’t have to snap every day to have success on Snapchat, you do have to post consistently. I do recommend that most people and businesses post daily, especially when building their following or announce and stick to a clear schedule (like every Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and don’t break it. Your true fans will notice and soon peter off into infrequent viewers if you don’t.


  1. Content that Resonates –  Speak to your audience! There are a ton of entrepreneurs and marketers on Snapchat and we all follow each other and speak each other’s language. There are also people in the startup scene or those who do motivational or comical videos. The point is, their followers tend to have the same interests and the snappers with a regular following speak to those interests. Like every type of marketing, speaking to your audience is key. Find your niche and speak to it. Don’t try to speak to everyone, because you may end up speaking to no one.


Here is a short list of those who I think have done a great job at everything I mentioned. I recommend following these snappers to get a feel for what I mean:

Brian Fanzo -Username: iSocialFanz

Virgina Salas Kastilio – Username: Ginicanbreathe

Adam- Caring Counts – Username: PurcelliRaptor

Carlos Gil – Username: TheCarlosGil

Brian Park -Startup Grind DC – Username: BrianPark

There are many more who are successfully building a daily following on Snapchat that aren’t mentioned here. Who would you add to this list?

Not sure how to get started? Don’t worry, I have several quick and easy techniques to get you started. Learn more here.


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