In the world of marketing you have to stay on top of the latest trends and go where your audience is. The fastest growing social media platform today is Snapchat– the messaging app that allows its users to post videos and images that vanish after they’re viewed and disappear from their storyboard in a day. With a rapidly growing user base of over 100 million daily users, projected to reach 200 million soon, and an estimated value of $19 billion, you can no longer deny that Snapchat is where it’s at. Couldn’t resist 😉

Snapchat is especially influential for millennials. 52% of their users are 16-24 years old and 32% are 25-34 years old. If your business’s audience is in 16-34 age range and you’re not on Snapchat, you’re missing the best way to connect with your audience. You simply can’t ignore this trending platform currently unsaturated with ads and competitor noise.

snapchat age graph


A quick look at Google trends shows us that the interest in Snapchat has spiked within the last few years.

Compare that to Facebook

Or Twitter

Or more traditional mediums, like radio

Or Newspaper

For a quick look into what I’m talking about, watch this video from over a year ago by Casey Neistat, a social media celebrity who has over 2 million YouTube subscribers and a huge Snapchat following as well.

As Casey says in the video, “Snapchat is an easy way to tell a story – in the moment… Snapchat is about now. Not photos with pretty filters. Not perfectly edited videos. It’s about sharing stories from your life with people who are interested.”

After Snapchat added the stories element in 2013, everything changed. Now you can add pictures and videos to your storyboard every day and your followers will get a daily dose of your day. For businesses, this intimate perspective of your business and your brand is HUGE. Snapchat allows your business to step away from the corporate, lifeless image so many companies project on other social media platforms and give your viewers a real life view of what happens everyday. You can chat about events and office culture. You can show sneak peaks into new product launches, behind the scenes stuff. Or you can simply provide an intimate view into who your business really is. Show the personal side–the side that social media was designed for. This is the priceless engagement every business seeks.

Early last year Snapchat launched their Discover feature, which allows users to receive content from top media companies like EPSN, Comedy Central, People, Mashable, BuzzFeed, and CNN. Now Snapchat is a major media destination and ripe for smaller businesses and brands to join before it’s saturated.


For more on the history of how Snapchat became ripe for business marketing now, read Gary Vaynerchuk’s blog.

What does this say about the future of social media?

“Well, for starters, young people are a lot more interested in the ephemeral – the now. Like interacting in the physical world, there’s less scrutiny – no comments, no likes. Just an interaction that happens, then, it disappears,” Casey Neistat

If you’re interested in learning more about how Snapchat can work for your business, connect with me. I’m launching a Snapchat Startup Package for Small Businesses soon and offering generous discounts for the first few clients to sign up.