In recent months, there has been a lot of buzz about Snapchat and as popularity and users increase, brands and businesses are seeing a golden opportunity to promote themselves (or at least they should).

But like every social media platform, it makes sense for some business types a little more than others. While execution, strategy and creativity are ultimately important regardless of the industry or business structure, there are a few businesses that stand out as a slam-dunk on Snapchat:

Individual Brands on Snapchat

Individual brands like, Personal Trainers, Business Coaches, Life Coaches, Authors, and Public Speakers. If there is an obvious person as the representative of a business, then Snapchat was made for you. Snapchat is a platform that encourages selfies and while I’m not saying that individual brands should only do selfies, if your face is your brand, hell, your audience expects some selfies.

As an individual brand, you can speak directly to your audience on Snapchat and truly show them an inside perspective of you – your brand. Not only by snapping photos or filming videos, but also through text messages and even voice recordings. No other social network offers this type of direct engagement with your audience.

*Tip “If your Facebook Business Page says “public figure” or has a picture of you as the profile pic, Snapchat is a natural fit for you.

Real Estate on Snapchat

Similar to the individual brands, real estate agents usually promote themselves individually or their team as their business. In addition to promotion, the real estate industry has an abundance of content opportunities excellent for Snapchat.

For example: open houses, home features, local events, local market updates, simple home buying and selling tips, to name just a few. Plus, with the growing number of millennial Snapchat users and the rise in disposable income for that age group, it makes sense to speak to the Snapchat audience.

Still not convinced Snapchat is good for real estate? Here are several more reasons why real estate agents shouldn’t ignore Snapchat.

Local Shops on Snapchat

Local shops like coffee shops, boutiques, bars, music venues, restaurants and breweries. If the business has a natural community element and local following, the transition to Snapchat makes sense.

Shops like these tend to have a lot of visual content, like new products and events and oftentimes are doing well on Instagram. Because the user-base on Instagram and Snapchat overlap, a good following on Instagram helps build a following on Snapchat. Plus, the immediate promotion options are huge at a local level. There are a number of ways a local business can leverage Snapchat to drive immediate traffic into their store and run successful promotion campaigns.


Non-profits & Community Programs on Snapchat

Again, Snapchat is all about building a community. Snapchat is designed for a candid, behind the scenes approach. What better way to give your followers an inside look into your business or organization and show instead of tell why your organization matters. You can make them care by showing them who your non-profit positively impacts and how their donations specifically make a difference. By putting a face and an experience to your cause or organization, you will engage with your audience on a deeper level than other marketing options.


Businesses With a Strong Millennial Audience on Snapchat

The high concentration of millennials on Snapchat can’t be ignored. If you have a product or service with a noticeable millennial audience, you would be remiss to ignore this new opportunity to reach your consumers. Since Snapchat has become a ubiquitous communication method for millennials, it only makes sense to go where you audience is, rather than spending time and resources on channels now antiquated for that audience (like email and Facebook).

Over 85% of Snapchat users are between the ages of 16-34. And now there are nearly 200 million daily Snapchat users. 85% of 200 million! That’s a huge opportunity to reach a millennial audience and engage with them in a way currently different than your competitors.

It’s undeniable that Snapchat is growing into a platform designed for business marketing opportunities and future profits (like what Facebook has done). Is your business ready to seize the opportunity?

Not sure how to get started? Don’t worry, I have several quick and easy techniques to get you started. Learn more here.


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