If your company specializes in heating, cooling, electrical or plumbing services, you’ve likely tried many “traditional” marketing methods like print ads, coupon books, mailers or even radio. And if you aren’t using these techniques, I guarantee you, many of your competitors are. And in these traditional marketing spaces, the company with the biggest budget yells the loudest. But are your competitors taking advantage of advertising on Facebook where strategy outweighs ad dollar? Are they properly using Facebook’s robust platform to build trust and authority with their customer base, engage with a larger audience and drive high-quality leads to their business? No. Your competitors likely aren’t using Facebook to their advantage, but you should.

While many HVAC companies are beginning to enhance their online presence and market well in the online space, Facebook advertising is still under-used in the HVAC industry. However, when executed strategically, Facebook advertising can be very successful and deliver a high return on investment (ROI) for HVAC companies.

Since Facebook advertising is not a traditional marketing method for HVAC companies, it’s a great way to stand out from your HVAC competitors in this very competitive industry.


A little about Facebook first: As of the fourth quarter of 2016, Facebook had 1.86 billion monthly active users, up from 1.59 billion the same quarter in 2015. Facebook, the most popular social network in the world, uses advanced artificial intelligence techniques to learn about their gigantic user base and create increasingly effective ways to target advertising. Thus, Facebook has created arguably the most robust social advertising platform available to small and midsize businesses today.

You see the opportunity here?!!

Here are a few reasons why

Facebook Advertising Works Well for HVAC Businesses:

  1. Advertise to Your Customer Lists

    If you’ve been collecting customer emails all these years, even if only on a spreadsheet, you’re in luck! Facebook allows you to upload your customer lists and target advertising to your past clients on their platform. There are many techniques to implementing this strategy well and you should be mindful of not alienating your past clients with obtrusive “buy now” ads. But marketing to your past clients on a platform they are already on for an average of an hour a day can be very effective when you stay top of mind and build the trust and authority needed to earn repeat business.

  2. Retarget Website Visitors 

    Imagine if while scrolling through baby photos on Facebook, the person who just read about your furnace tune-up services on your website was presented with a post from your company about furnace tune-up tips. Or the person who viewed your air conditioning page was presented an offer for your A/C tune-up special just days later. Targeting Facebook ads to your website visitors is an incredibly effective way to market your HVAC company. The conversion rate for ads targeted at website visitors is traditionally much higher than a broader audience and the cost per conversion is generally much lower. Which means you spend less for a higher return on your investment. That’s hard to beat!

  3. Testing Is Easy AND Cheap 

    Facebook ads are easily measured and altered for little cost, which makes Facebook an excellent platform to A/B test. Meaning you can determine if an image, message, product or service resonates with your audience quickly and inexpensively. This is huge for businesses that spend thousands on billboards or print advertisements. Instead of crossing your fingers that you chose the right message and waiting months for ambiguous feedback on your ad, now you can quickly test what works before committing to print. Or if you’re considering launching a new product or service, you can do a soft-launch on Facebook and test interest for several hundred dollars before spending many thousands on a full launch. This will make it easier to determine if there is a market for evaporative coolers in your area or if you should offer full-service electrical, while saving you hundreds or even thousands on a failed launch.

 Facebook advertising can be a very effective and cost efficient marketing option for your HVAC company.

Strategic, well-run Facebook ad campaigns can strength your HVAC business’s customer base and increase your high-quality lead count.

Not sure how Facebook advertising could work with your business? Here’s a little more about how Facebook advertising works for our HVAC clients or let’s have a brief chat now!

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