Snapchat is a popular video and photo app that allows its users to interact with each other in the moment, like real life conversations. Because it captures much of the essence of real life interactions, Snapchat is an incredible tool for businesses to engage with their audiences on a personal level. Don’t believe me? Read this post about why businesses should get on Snapchat now.

Snapchat was built around the snap, a ten-second video or photo that disappears after viewing. In 2013, Snapchat introduced its Stories feature. These Stories are a series of photos and videos that last 24 hours and allow multiple viewings. Stories are an excellent way for businesses to create engaging, timely content for their audience. And, one type of content that is engaging and timely is an event! Events are in the moment, a peak into your business’s culture, and fun (hopefully). All prime elements of a Snapchat story.

I recently posted live snaps during an event and worked out the kinks on how to do this well.

Here are a few tips on how to live-snap an event:

  1. Build the Buzz “ Announce that you will be live-snapping your upcoming event. Do this on as many channels as possible for at least several weeks before the event. Announce it on Snapchat of course, but use the event as a way to drive new followers to your Snapchat account. Post on your: website, social media channels, email list, all event advertising, and any of your other marketing channels.
  2. Create a Hook “ Besides seeing the event on Snapchat, offer an additional hook on why people should tune in. For example: announce that a huge offer will be revealed at the end of the event or that a special guest will be there. Give an exciting reason to watch.
  3. Focus on the People “ You want your audience to experience the feeling of attending the event. The best way to do this is to show the people who are there experiencing the event live. For example: shoot a circle of the room, snap photos of people enjoying themselves, or film brief interviews with the people there. Make it feel like the viewer is present and getting a behind-the-scenes view of the event. Do this approach opposed to focusing on the core of the event itself. Meaning, if the event is a presentation or a concert or something with a main event, instead of spending the majority of your posts on capturing the ‘main event’ itself, turn the camera on the people in attendance. Their reactions, their words. The personal aspect is what makes Snapchat unique. If you want to simply film the event, there’s already a channel for that “YouTube”.
  4. Drive Viewers to Another Source for More “ In the snaps, write text overlay about where the viewer can go to see the whole experience and learn more. For example: for a presentation you can tell people to visit your website to see the full slide show, or for a concert have them visit your YouTube channel to see footage of the full concert. Use the event snaps as the beginning of your funnel and drive them to another channel where you can capture their info and turn them into a more engaged follower or prospective client.
  5. Multi-Channel Event Recaps “ Since you can download snaps and full stories from the app, do this to draw attention for future events. I wouldn’t recap the entire story on another channel, otherwise, what’s the point of following you on Snapchat if you’re just going post the full story on Facebook. But download a snap or two that show some highlights. This broadens the reach of your event coverage, especially when you first open your Snapchat account, and puts a nice close to the buzz of the event.


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