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Facebook Advertising For Small Business Is:

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With nearly 2 BILLION monthly active users and a robust advertising platform, Facebook has become one the best ways for businesses to advertise.

Our advertising experts will create a custom strategy designed to meet the advertising goals and KPI’s (key performance indicators) for your business.

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Still Not Sure If Facebook Will Work For You?
Here Are A Few Businesses That Had Success Using Facebook Ads:

*Note these examples are listed on and are not examples of work product by Mariposa Marketing, LLC.

Local Business With Multiple Locations

A regional tire chain was able to increase their promotional sales by 2.1X by using Facebook local awareness ads targeted at the people near each of their locations. They used Facebook advertising to boost in-store sales and raise brand awareness.

Ecommerce Business

A food-focused ecommerce site boosted their conversion rates by 10X using dynamic ads targeted at website visitors. This Facebook advertising strategy earned them a 8X return on ad spend and 75% drop in cost per conversion!

Consumer Product Company

This eyewear manufacturer promoted it ‘s brand and increased it’s online sales at a 6X return on their ad spend using Facebook ads. They saw a 50% lower cost of acquisition than other ad formats and increased their monthly unique website visitors by 5.4X.

New Local Business

This local arcade increased their sales by 25% by promoting their business to locals on Facebook. Facebook advertising brought them 17x more business than print advertising!

What Our Clients Say About Facebook Advertising With Mariposa Marketing

golden solar logo
Monica, on very short notice, set up a Facebook event for Golden Solar Electric, and we had a great response. She is going to do another one for us shortly. I heartily recommend her for marketing support!
Chrissy Kelly: Sales Director
Golden Solar Electric

Setup A FREE 25-Minute Facebook Strategy Session
To Find Out If Facebook Is Right For Your Business.