Marketing a small business can be challenging. It takes a significant amount of time and money to research, launch, maintain, analyze, and fund an effective marketing strategy, especially within many traditional marketing channels. Since time and money are resources small businesses often lack, their marketing is often weak, inconsistent or nonexistent.

There are marketing options, however, that make sense for small businesses. In my experience, Facebook Ads are an excellent option for small businesses to overcome many of the common marketing challenges small businesses face.

I want to note first that Facebook Ads ARE NOT the same as boosting a post on Facebook. Facebook is a business; an incredibly smart business; and they know how to make it easy for people to pay them money. Boosting a post for $5 is often not effective and this method simply scratches the surface of what Facebook’s Ad Platform can do for a business.

With that point out of the way,

Here are 7 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Use Facebook Ads:

  1. Facebook Ads Are Highly Targeted 

    Marketing 101 tells us to market your business to your ideal audience, but certain marketing channels are more effective in targeting your audience than others. Facebook has become one of the best platforms for targeting an audience and here’s why. First of all, Facebook is the most popular social network in the world with a monthly user base of nearly 2 billion. With a user base that large, there is a good chance your ideal audience is on Facebook. Secondly, Facebook uses advanced artificial intelligence techniques to learn about their gigantic user base and create increasingly effective ways to target advertising. Thus they’ve created arguably the most robust social advertising platform available for businesses, especially your small business.A few of the most useful targeting options, but certainly not all, are: geographic location, basic demographics (i.e. age, gender, marital status), many interests, and buying behavioral patterns. The geographic targeting options are especially valuable for brick and mortar businesses that only want to reach customers within a certain service area or radius of their location. I’ve seen huge success targeting customers effectively using these demographics.

    In addition, you can install a custom Facebook pixel on your website to track website visitors and specific conversion patterns and then target your ads to website visitors accordingly. I could go on, but the point is, there are abundant targeting options here that frankly don’t exist in other marketing channels.

  2.  Facebook Ads Are Cost Effective 

    You can run a successful ad campaign for just a few hundred dollars and run simple campaigns for less if you’re incredibly strategic with your approach. Since the average cost per click (CPC) on Facebook is a little more than $0.27 compared to $1-$2, the average CPC of Google AdWords, your ad dollars can go further on Facebook. While it’s more successful and cost-effective to run a longer, continuously optimized campaign budgeted for several hundred dollars per month, it is also possible to run a strong campaign for less than $200. That low advertising spend is hard to beat!

  3. You Can Create Custom Audiences 

    If you have a customer list, Facebook gives you another way to advertise to this important pool of past clients, warm leads, and people who are already familiar with and likely trust your business. You can upload your customer lists directly into Facebook and then run ads to the Facebook users on your list. The conversion rate for repeat customers and people who are already familiar with your business is much higher than people who don’t know your business. Facebook’s custom audiences give you another technique to reach and convert your customer lists.

  4. Facebook Ads Are Easy to Analyze 

    Facebook’s analytics are fairly thorough and more importantly, easy to understand. Their campaign dashboard shows exactly how many impressions your ad received, how many clicks, the cost per click, cost per conversion and a variety of other important metrics, including audience data. Campaigns are run based on various objectives (see #7- Goal Setting below), for example website clicks or app downloads, and the metrics you analyze to determine campaign success should be based on the objective of your campaign. Additionally, there are tracking techniques, such as utilizing Facebook’s custom conversion pixels, to track a campaign’s conversion metrics. Whether you run a simple campaign and review Facebook’s campaign dashboard or install tracking codes to measure more advanced data, this ability to easily assess the performance of your ads is very valuable.

  5. Facebook Ads Are Easy to Adjust

    Since Facebook ad analysis is at your fingertips, it is easy to make informed decisions on entire ad campaigns as well as individual ads. You can see if an ad isn’t performing well and adjust or pause it accordingly. Since you can run a campaign using several different ads within multiple ad sets at a time, you can A&B test numerous elements of your ads and continuously build and optimize an effective ad campaign.

  6. Facebook Ads Have a Short-Term Commitment 

    Unlike many marketing channels that either require a long-term contract or simply aren’t effective if done for a short time frame, Facebook ads require much less commitment. The consistency over time rule does still apply here, but not to the extreme it does in other channels, such as print or email marketing. And more importantly, as a small business owner with a tight marketing budget, you can cut or reduce your Facebook ad budget at the click of button if you have a slow month. This flexibility is ideal for small businesses.

  7. Goal Setting Is Easy With Facebook Ads

    Facebook ad campaigns are designed to run with a specific goal or objective. You can choose from sending people to your website, increasing conversions on your website, promoting your Facebook page, or raising attendance at an event, among several other options. Then you tailor your ads to fit this purpose and Facebook will optimize the impressions and clicks to meet your designated objective. I love this design because it allows the business to have a very clear and tangible goal from the beginning. You can then measure ad performance for the duration of the campaign against this specific goal. While every marketing campaign a business runs should have a goal in mind, not every marketing channel allows you to set and measure that goal in such a clear way.

When created and managed correctly, Facebook Ads are an effective and cost-efficient marketing channel ideal for most small and mid-sized businesses. Most industries can use Facebook Ads to significantly increase lead count and conversion rates while improving their brand awareness and engaging with their audience.

Bottom line, Facebook Ads can help businesses make money!

Not sure if Facebook Ads are right for your business? Here’s a little more about how our Facebook ad campaigns work.

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