Previously, one of the biggest criticisms of Snapchat for business was that its content was here today, gone tomorrow. No matter how good your content was, it’d be gone within 24 hours. There was no point in developing really great content, because no matter how good it was, it wouldn’t last.

No more.

Snapchat recently rolled out Memories, which experts agree is a game changer for business. This new feature allows users to save their snaps for future use and pull photos from the phone’s camera roll to edit and snap. Before, you could only save a snap to use elsewhere (like other social media, website, etc.), which made it challenging for many businesses to use Snapchat effectively and created reluctance for new businesses to adopt it into their marketing.

Memories shifts the emphasis away from in the moment images and videos. Now that the time barrier has been lifted, what does this mean for businesses?

I recently spoke to several social media experts and Snapchat influencers and asked them how they thought Snapchat Memories might affect businesses.

Here is the summary of how Snapchat Memories affects businesses:

Memories Creates New Marketing Opportunities

The resounding response among the experts is that Memories creates monumentally new opportunities for business. It’s not only a fancy new tool in the Snapchat toolbox, but also a separate compartment in the toolbox offering an array of options to the user.

Brands can now tastefully weave in promotional graphics and pre-recorded content that enhances their overall storytelling, says Erica Blair, a marketing strategist and creator of the Facebook group Snapchat Marketing Mastermind. She adds, for brands who are willing to understand the platform and be creative as to what kind of content they publish on Snapchat, there is a huge opportunity right now to increase both the professionalism and effectiveness of stories published on Snapchat.

When you sporadically dip in and out of your Snapchat Memories, businesses are able to repurpose some of their previous content in a new fashion, says Ashley Kruempel, marketing professional & CEO of Social Impact Branding. For example, highlighting previous large events or contest winners are great ways to keep your established audience engaged as well as bring on new followers.”

When you sporadically dip in & out of your Snapchat Memories businesses are able to repurpose some of their previous content in a new way”

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Ashley also points out the option of picking and choosing individual snaps saved within Memories to create a new story, which offers immeasurable potential and infinite opportunities to reach consumers.

Social media influencer and popular vlogger, Amy Schmittauer, tweeted me saying, I think (Memories) is a great opportunity. Just wish it wasn’t so ugly. I have to say, she’s not wrong. Snaps pulled from Memories have a distinct white boarder around them and a date stamp, making it obvious to the viewer it’s not a regular snap.


This is a Snapchat Memory about a Snapchat Memory


Memories Makes Snapchat More Approachable for Business

As a marketing consultant specializing in small and midsize businesses, I’ve noticed that one of the primary reasons businesses resist implementing Snapchat are the time and content demands. Businesses with systems in place for producing content on their other social media channels were struggling to create new content on a new platform using a completely different rulebook. Snapchat was too different and too limiting to take on. Now, with Memories, this barrier may be reduced and Snapchat will be more manageable for creative businesses.

Kristy Gillentine, a social media consultant and host of the Twitter chat #ChatSnap, predicts that Memories will make Snapchat more approachable for a lot of brands. While I don’t believe the feature is best used solely, in lieu of creating and sharing real-time content, I think and hope the ability to pull from prerecorded videos and images to enhance a story will entice more brands to give Snapchat a try and find out what works best for them in that space.

I think the ability to pull from prerecorded videos & images to enhance a story will entice more brands to give Snapchat a try

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Memories Gives More Control to the Decision Makers

A common concern for business owners who use Snapchat is the lack of control they have for the content posted. Since snaps are in the moment, it’s difficult to control what their employees are posting on their business’s behalf, even if proper guidelines are in place and snaps are monitored regularly.

Recently a local Denver bar manager asked me, You can delete a snap, right? It’s easy to imagine some inappropriate snaps created by fun-loving clientele under the influence of alcohol if employees are given free rein to snap the evening’s festivities.

In situations like these, a business concerned with their control over the Snapchat content will find comfort in this new ability to produce pre-approved content and post it through Memories.

Memories is potentially a valuable tool specifically for businesses because it removed a barrier to entry for many decision makers knowing they can have some control over individual snaps,” says Vincent Orleck, Social Media Expert and President of Social Media Club Phoenix.


Memories is potentially a valuable tool specifically for businesses because it removed a barrier to entry for many decision makers

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Use Memories With Caution! Don’t Use as an Automation Tool

The gigantic caveat to Snapchat Memories, is to use it with caution! Every marketing expert I asked mentioned the importance of using Memories sparingly. And they’re absolutely right!

From a marketing perspective you have to speak to your audience in an engaging way that is appropriate for the platform. Snapchat users expect candid, real-time photos and videos. Many expect to feel like a person is talking to them directly in a casual, friendly way or to feel like they are there, gaining a behind-the-scenes view of something exciting. If a business shifts away from these unspoken Snapchat user expectations and replaces them with static content, the likely result is that they will lose their audience.

In this vein, Erica Blair describes Memories as a double-edged sword, because brands must respect the context of the platform and create content that meets Snapchat users’ unique expectations, as well as blends smoothly with the other content that is populating users’ story feeds. She adds, [it’s] important to use it thoughtfully and sparingly so that you don’t lose the raw and real aspects that draw users to Snapchat in the first place.”

It’s important to use Snapchat Memories thoughtfully and sparingly

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Since Memories allows a business to post pre-produced photos and videos, much like they can on Instagram, some experts predict businesses will simply use this feature as a crutch. Helene Kwong, social media marketer and owner of Hashtagitude, says that she believes, some businesses may abuse that and never post real-time updates.

Ashley Kruempel notes that consumers aren’t stupid, especially on Snapchat and they will catch on to the over-use of Memories content quickly, adding, millennials (will) sniff you out as a rat and likely broadcast it in shout outs within their own network.

Even with Memories, Snapchat is the Long Game

Snapchat is meant to build a following, to engage with your audience, and to build loyal customers who become brand evangelists. Marketing on Snapchat is still new and with the continuously evolving features, such as Memories, the opportunities for a business to succeed on the platform continuously grow with them.

“Snapchat is definitely not a platform where you see your instant financial return, says Ashley, however, the amount of loyal and emotionally invested consumers would be three times more of the overall value easily!

Memories is so new, it’s impossible to know exactly how it will develop with users and businesses. It will be fun to watch the creative ways Snapchatters, both individuals and businesses alike, will use Memories. But one thing is clear, Memories is the biggest change for Snapchat this year, and another example of a rapidly developing platform that will only continue to grow in scope and influence in the years to come.

Thanks to all the marketing and Snapchat experts who took the time to share their opinions with me. I encourage you to follow them on Snapchat (and their other channels as well).

Here’s a little more about them and how you can find them:



Erica Blair is a marketing strategist, digital nomad living in Thailand and the organizer of the Facebook group, Snapchat Marketing Mastermind that brings people together who are engaged in Snapchat marketing to brainstorm approaches and compare notes.

Snapchat username: TheEricaBlair




Ashely Kruempel is a social media marketer and CEO of Social iMpact Branding, a social media and digital marketing firm helping small businesses and solopreneurs with their digital presence.

Snapchat username: akruempel


vincent orleck


Vincent Orleck is CMO at BRANDish Social Media Marketing, President of Social Media Club Phoenix, speaker, and self-proclaimed #NotAGuru.

Snapchat username: VincentOrleck



kristy gillentine snapchat memories for business


Kristy Gillentine is a social media consultant and host of the Twitter chat #ChatSnap, a weekly forum to discuss topics related to Snapchat.

Snapchat username: KrisGillentine





Amy Schmittauer is a well-known Vlogger , Keynote Speaker, Co-Founder of Aftermarq.

Snapchat username: Schmittastic



Helene Kwong - Hashtagitude


Helene Kwong is the CEO and co-founder of Hashtagitude, a social media marketing company in Denver, CO.

Snapchat username: Hashtagitude



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