The growing user base and improved features of Snapchat is making the mobile app more desirable for businesses. While there are a number of industries and business structures that work well with Snapchat, one particular industry stands out to me, real estate.

Snapchat makes sense for real estate because of 4 main elements:

  1. Rapidly Growing Audience
  2. Build Trust & Loyalty
  3. Abundant Marketing Possibilities
  4. The Future of Social Media

I have a background in real estate marketing and understand the techniques and challenges of marketing in this industry. Snapchat offers a unique opportunity for real estate agents to showcase their offerings, nurture their leads, and reach an audience currently unattainable through traditional real estate marketing channels.

Not sure about what Snapchat is and how it could be used for business- here’s the 101 

Why Snapchat Makes Sense for Real Estate

Snapchat Has a Rapidly Growing Audience

The demographics and increased growth of Snapchat’s user base can’t be ignored. Currently, 41% of all smart phone users in the US between the ages of 18-34 are on Snapchat and the 30-40 year-old user-base is growing.

The 25-40 age range is an important demographic in real estate because of the likelihood for first time home buyers, home upgrades for growing families and increased disposable income among young professionals. The audience on Snapchat fits perfectly in this coveted demographic which was previously a challenge to reach through traditional real estate marketing channels, like: print, cold calls, email, and even many social and online techniques.

Snapchat Helps Your Build Trust & Loyalty

In most markets, from the consumer’s perspective real estate agents are everywhere. If you want to find one it’s simple. But the challenge is choosing an agent you can trust. From the agent’s perspective, it’s a challenge to stand out among your competition and build the trust and loyalty required for a client to choose you over the hundreds of other options jumping out at them every time they search for a home online, visit an open house or research their home’s value.

The nature of Snapchat is to show behind the scenes views of you and your business. Snapchat allows a real estate agent to show potential clients who they are, how they work, and what sets them a part from the multitude of other agents in the industry. An agent can use Snapchat to show: how they interact with clients, their specific offerings (flyers, website, processes, open houses, etc.), their knowledge of the industry, and the specific listings they have (think walk-throughs and open houses), among many other possibilities.

In short, Snapchat allows a real estate agent to show, not tell what sets them apart from their competition and build the trust and loyalty needed to nurture a lead into a client.

Snapchat Offers Abundant Marketing Possibilities

Snapchat is continuously improving and creating new features that can be used to market a business. The sooner you build a following there, the better. Getting on Snapchat now will only make it easier to take advantage of the new and improved features as time goes by.

Here are a few current features particularly valuable for the real estate industry


  • Direct Messaging – No other social media platform allows you to send direct messages to someone with the ease of Snapchat. Sure, you can send Facebook messages, tweets or comments to your followers on other platforms, but none have the underlined personable access and quality as Snapchat. This is valuable when the goal is to build trust and a relationship with your followers


  • Customizable Geofilters – It’s increasingly easier to create your own Snapchat geofilter and it’s still very inexpensive. A few ways this can be done are:
    • Events you sponsor
    • Neighborhoods you farm
    • Events you host – client appreciation or house warming parties

snapchat for real estate


  • Memories – This newer feature allows you to pull from past Snaps and your phone’s camera roll to create snaps. While using Memories shouldn’t be your only technique, it does give a real estate agent, who traditionally uses a lot of photography in their marketing, a new way to reuse pieces from other channels. You can also reuse previous stories that worked well and create new stories from them. For example, a closing story could be reused with the agent setting up the scene with a backstory of the client’s home search journey, then pulling the celebratory closing snaps from Memories to create a richer story.


Snapchat is the Future of Social Media & Marketing

Video isn’t the future of social media and marketing, it’s the present. This is undeniable. There are many ways to implement video into your marketing strategy. But if you look at Snapchat’s continuously growing user base and marketing possibilities, Snapchat is a strong tool to use in real estate. And Snapchat’s increased growth over the past few years suggests it’s not going away any time soon.

Real estate agents, it’s not too late to start on Snapchat and build a following!

Early adopters appear cutting edge and savvy. And a strong Snapchat presence will help you stand out from the competition.

But don’t just take it from me, to quote Gary Vaynerchuck, who has been a strong advocate of Snapchat for real estate for many months.

“But, the value of the platform that most real estate people are overlooking is the emerging 30 to 45 year old demo on Snapchat. In the next 2-3 years, Snapchat will skew much older and age much like Facebook has. There’s a lot of value in being a first mover on the platform.”

Not sure how to use Snapchat for your real estate business? I have a background in real estate marketing and can help you and your team get started on Snapchat strategically and effectively. Contact me today!