Snapchat just rolled out a monumental update to their app called Memories, which makes the app even more powerful for businesses. This new feature allows users to save their snaps to Snapchat’s servers to access at a later time. Previously, you could only save snaps to your camera roll and you couldn’t access saved snaps to add to stories at a later time. Meaning, the content created on Snapchat could be saved to use elsewhere, like a business’s other social networks or website, but the saved snaps could not be reused on Snapchat.

Now a business can save their important snaps to their Memories and recycle them in future stories. This option opens up many doors for businesses currently struggling to create fresh new content on Snapchat daily.


What is Snapchat Memories Exactly?

The Memories feature is a searchable and sharable archive of your snaps that can be accessed within the app. The snaps are saved on Snapchat’s servers and are automatically grouped into categories based on location. The snaps are also searchable by keyword, such as vehicle or animal.

Within Memories, you can access your phone’s camera roll to import previously saved snaps into the Memories archive. This will allow you to add snaps you’ve already saved on your phone and use them in future stories. This is great news for businesses that have been good about saving snaps to use on their other marketing channels.

Memories also includes a section called “For My Eyes Only where you can place private or confidential snaps. These special memories can only be accessed by typing in a PIN code and are unrecoverable if you forget the code. Businesses shouldn’t need this feature too often, but it could come in handy if an owner wants to restrict access to certain confidential information from an employee who has access to the business’s Snapchat account.

Snapchat is slowly rolling out Memories and users will gradually have access to the feature over the next few weeks. You will know you have access when you receive a direct snap from Snapchat with the fun video introducing Memories.

Check out this video to see how to use this new feature:

How to Use Snapchat Memories for Business

The biggest benefit businesses will have from Snapchat’s Memories feature is the ability to recycle content. Many businesses, especially smaller businesses, find it challenging to produce relevant and engaging content on a daily basis and have resisted adopting Snapchat into their marketing strategies for this reason. Now that a business can reuse a successful story or evergreen snap (a snap that contains content you can use at any time, like a product photo) in a future story, more businesses will be able to use Snapchat more effectively.

I do advise against repeating stories often, as your followers will notice. It’s important to maintain the candid presence your followers expect and enjoy. But you can sprinkle in successful and slightly more evergreen content, like product features, event reminders, offers, or employee highlights.

Memories can also allow a business to streamline their direct snaps to their followers. For example, you could grab a generic snap, such as a custom image reading, “Hello, thank you for following me”, from your Memories archive and send it to your new followers. This ability will help improve your business’s engagement with your followers, which fosters brand evangelists and buying customers.

What do you think of this new feature? What ways are you using it for your business? Please share them with me.

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