Everyone says content is king. But what does that mean for a startup business looking to establish a meaningful presence with their consumer?

Modern consumers require more than static talk; they require valuable and interesting content coupled with genuine and consistent engagement.

Keeping the mindset of modern consumers in mind, here are 4 reasons why creating not just content, but GREAT content is truly king for your startup business.

1. Builds a Positive Brand for Your Business –  Successful companies like Tom’s or Zappos both have sculpted positive images for their companies by sharing their vision and culture and creating engaged and dedicated customers that feel apart of their community environment. Their success shows us that you have to tell your customers who you are, why you’re different and consistently show them that what you’re saying is true. Instead of saying your company donates a percentage of its profits to charity, tell the story of those who benefit from this donation. Instead of saying you provide good customer service, give examples of how and share testimonials from satisfied customers.

2. Adds a Human Element to Your Business – Just like building a positive image, you want to show the human behind the logo. Share stories of how your company was founded and more importantly, why it mattered to the founders to start in the first place. Talk about causes and events that are important to you and your company.  If you’re a law firm, talk about the pro bono work you do. If you’re a local grocery store, share stories of the local food suppliers you work with or the food drives you donate to. For small businesses with only a few employees, talk about group activities you do together, events you’re planning, or how you’re collaborating to make improvements. Show your consumer a human element and they will care more about your product or services.

3. Improves Customer Quality & Quantity – The engaging and human content you create will be read and shared with customers that begin to listen and care about your business and message.  If you’re consistent with this content and maintain engagement with your audience by responding to their comments and leading meaningful dialogue, your following will become engaged and motivated. The motivated and engaged customers that follow are not only high-conversion customers, but repeat customers. According to Demand Metric, 82% of customers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content, yet content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates 3 times as many leads. You can’t argue with that ROI.

*TIP* Remember not to take your customer engagement for granted. Always keep your followers in mind when creating content. It’s about them, not just you or selling your product.

4. Improvement Is Inevitable – Anyone who writes somewhat frequently knows it’s difficult to come up with new material on a regular basis. You only have so much knowledge just floating around in your brain.  To get new material you have to continuously learn and expose yourself to new ideas.  Not only will learning new material help you increase your content options, you gain knowledge as a byproduct of your writing. This will only help you, your business, and your career grow and improve.

photo credit: Rubin Starset via photopin cc